Friendship is pleased to announce, in partnership with First Baptist Church in Montgomery AL, the purchase of the old Elks Lodge in the Chishom Community. Located on the outskirts of the downtown area, these buildings were originally built as military housing before being taken over by the Dept. of Mental Health. Until recently the facility was used to house homeless mentally ill patients but due to budget cuts the Mental Health Dept. has agreed to sell this property and all of the buildings. Pastor Rosato and the staff at Friendship have long prayed for a facility to provide aid to Women and Mothers and their children. God does provide, this purchase is the answer to that prayer. There is much work to be done and a lot of fundraising to come, but Friendship is dedicated to this cause.

First Baptist will continue the programs that they currently provide from that location.

This is exciting news! We will keep providing updates and God willing we will soon be able to open this facility.
These are the first pictures! Things look a little rough but with God's help and the support from Friendship's supporters all obstacles can be overcome
                                                          (c) Thomas Whitfield 2012